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Joanna Lindenbaum

Quickie Inspiration for You

November 27th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

Whether you live in the US or not, considering everything that is going on in the world right now, this is the perfect week to connect deeply into gratitude and being thankful for all that you have.

While I don’t have all the answers to how we can change our world, I do know one important component of the healing of the world: YOU.

YOU have a sacred responsibility to love yourself deeply.

You have a sacred responsibility to approach yourself with tenderness and with care and with full acceptance for your beauty AND for your imperfection.

You have a sacred responsibility to hold yourself sacred and to have compassion for all of the things about yourself that you don’t always like.

You have a sacred responsibility to stop being so hard on yourself, so judgmental of yourself.

The more you truly love yourself, accept all of yourself, have compassion for yourself…then the more you can love and have compassion for others.

And the more you love and have compassion for others…the more those others will feel it. And the more they feel it, the more they will be able to love and have compassion for themselves.

And the more they have love and compassion for themselves, the more they can reflect that out onto those that they come in contact with…and the more those will, in turn, feel more deeply connected to their own self-love and acceptance.

And on and on the cycle will go.

 Imagine a world where every person loved himself deeply, had deep respect for the experience of life, and had deep compassion for all of himself…thereby having deep compassion for others as well.

It would be a new paradigm. A Peace Paradigm.

And it starts with YOU.

You can do this.

With love,

Lessons for your Biz from the Presidential Race

October 30th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

For as long as I’ve been an entrepreneur, I’ve noticed that there are many lessons for business owners to learn about marketing from politicians and visa versa. It’s fascinated me endlessly over the years, and believe it or not, has actually helped me grow my business in ways I would have never imagined. I’ve learned from what politicians do very well, and I’ve also learned a lot from their (many) mistakes.

After all, politicians need to promote themselves just like entrepreneurs do — and they are especially similar to service-preneurs because just like service-preneurs, politicians themselves ARE their product. They need to be branded and to do outreach and communicate their value in order to gain voters and followers.

Of course, there is a ton about politics I dislike and would never recommend for authentic, in-integrity business owners. But there is also some really great stuff.

As I’ve been watching the Democratic Primaries unfold, it has presented a number of tools, tips, Truths and messages for entrepreneurs, and I want to share with you some of the highlights you can learn from some of the candidates:

Hillary Clinton — Don’t be Scared of Haters or Rejection

Whatever your opinion of Hillary, one thing is for sure: she is a woman who has not run away or hidden under a rock or backed down from marketing & outreach simply because there are people out there who don’t like her. Hillary has been called every name in the book. She has been criticized up the wazoo. I even saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Hillary for Prison 2016".

Just 1% of this criticism would be enough to make many entrepreneurs cry and give up. I speak to so many entrepreneurs who are scared to really put themselves out there. They fear the outreach and the marketing and the visibility will leave them vulnerable to haters, to people who don’t like them or believe in what they have to offer. The fear of rejection or criticism can be paralyzing, and lots of times entrepreneurs end up not doing outreach (or effective outreach) because of this.

What entrepreneurs can learn from Hillary is that if you are committed to a goal, and if you are committed to bringing your message to the world, don’t let potential Haters stop you. Perhaps you can even let the criticism make you stronger.

(Inner work question: Where are the places in your business that you’ve been hiding out of fear of rejection?)

Bernie Sanders — Speak Your Truth, Especially when it’s Anti-Establishment

Lots of folks are surprised that Bernie has been able to gain the amount of support and loyalty that he’s received so far: He’s too out-of-the-box. He’s too anti-establishment. He’s too radical.

I’m not surprised one bit that he’s created a huge following.

Here’s why: Bernie’s ideas (whether you believe they are all fully viable or not) poke holes into the current establishment, poke holes into the standard ways that things are being done and have been done for a long time. That, along with his passion about his beliefs and ideas is a convincing combination for any voter that is feeling stuck, fed up, annoyed or disappointed with how things are right now.

This is phenomenally effective as a marketing strategy. I’ve seen it work in radical ways in my own business:

I’ve always quietly spoken out about the parts of the coaching industry that I felt were misaligned, but about two years ago I began allowing myself to be fully seen in my beliefs. I’ve been speaking boldly and loudly about any practices I see as out-of-integrity or misleading in the coaching industry. And guess what? This has brought in so many excited new clients and new community members. It has struck a deep, deep chord, and there has been a magnetism to my fresh ideas & speaking the truth as I see it.

Now, of course, my Truth speaking wasn’t originally developed as a marketing strategy. It was born out of my fundamental desire to help women who were flailing in their business and falling into the traps of the coaching industry. My anti-establishment ideas, coupled with my passion & deep mission for helping women, is what has made it so effective.

(Inner work question: On what ideas and in what ways could you be speaking more of your Truth in your business? In what ways are you different from the established ideas in your industry?)

Joe Biden: Know Your Priorities

For a month or two, political pundits and basically nearly everyone was speculating at whether or not Joe would throw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination. I actually got a little bit teary-eyed last week when he made his announcement that he wouldn’t be running.

The reason I got emotional is because his reasons for not running were so very real and so very valid, and in my opinion so very important: After his son Beau died this past year, Joe made a very conscious decision to make time to grieve. He understood that he and his family need space. Needed to be together. Needed to go through the process of grieving.

Joe could have made the decision to put aside his pain and his family’s need for him to be available so that he could get his campaign together. But instead – and I think this was an act of courage and integrity – Joe was clear on his priorities. He knew he couldn’t jump into a presidential campaign this year and honor his grieving process at the same time.

Too often, I speak to entrepreneurs who put their business before their physical, mental and emotional health. I know I have fallen into that trap, too. And what I’ve come to learn is that your life and ultimately your business always thrive more when you are in integrity with your personal health. Whether you love or hate Joe Biden’s politics, I think that as Vice President he has been an amazing role model in knowing his priorities, being clear on what he does or doesn’t have space for, and acting by it.

(Inner work question: Are there places where you are betraying your physical, emotional or mental health in your business?)

If you would like to learn how to run your business so that you Move past the Fear of Rejection, are fully Speaking Your Truth, and always Act by Your Priorities, get in touch for a complimentary call! Together we’ll get clear on where you’re at in your business, where you’d like to go, where you’re stuck and how I can help. You can apply here.

With love,

Leading your clients when your personal life takes over

October 16th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

Last week, while I was leading a group call with nearly 30 women, my parents telephoned me on both my home phone and my cellphone 4 times within about 2 minutes.

I could feel my heart start beating faster as I was coaching. My mother has had MS for 30 years, and there have been many emergencies, hospital visits, and even life-support situations over the years.

A version of me 3 years ago would have tried to ignore her calls until I was done teaching — yet be scared & un-present to my teaching the entire time — because I wouldn’t want to come off as unprofessional.

An even older version of myself would have freaked out completely, told the folks on the call that I needed to reschedule, and then go on to deal with whatever was happening.

Last week, instead, at an appropriate pause in between spotlight coaching moments, I let the women on the call know that my parents had called 4 times and that I was concerned enough to feel I should call back, but that it would only take a moment. I asked everyone on the call to hold for just a minute and quickly called my mom. There was a slight emergency situation, but nothing very serious. I was able to get off the phone in under 90 seconds, return to my clients with full presence, and then take care of the situation at an appropriate time.

We all have personal issues that come up from time to time, and how you handle them makes all the difference for yourself and for your clients. There are, of course, moments to cancel classes or sessions, and then there are moments to not do that. What’s important is that you are making grounded decisions that aren’t based in fear.

This reminds me of the decisions I made around my maternity leave 18 months ago.

Jon and I knew we wanted to get pregnant, and I happen to be very fertile, so I knew we’d get pregnant soon after trying. Being the planner and organized person I am, I planned my mastermind dates around when I thought my due date would be: I’d be giving birth in June, so I’d run a 9 month mastermind, September — May.

Well, wouldn’t you know that I did my calculations ALL wrong, and in September — 1 week after 24 women had began their 9-month journey with me (& committed to travelling to NC for specific retreat dates), my midwife told me that I was due in April!

I had some choices at that point. My fear was telling me that my masterminders would be pissed off at me, that I should maybe just refund all their money and stop the program. Or I should give them the option to step out of the program if they didn’t want to continue in it with my pregnancy.

But luckily my higher self knew better.

Instead of cancelling or giving opt-outs, I created a plan. I would take a 10-week maternity leave and extend the program out by 10 weeks. I would shift the March retreat date a few weeks earlier so that I felt confident I’d still be able to be there. I’d bring in guest teachers to teach during my 10 weeks off. I’d ask my coaching team to be available for any coaching questions that needed to be answered while I was off. And, I’d do a ton of teaching and guiding around how to be self-sufficient during those 10 weeks I was off.

I’ll be honest: I was super nervous right before telling the women about my pregnancy and my plan. But as I was sharing and being authentic and vulnerable about it all — as well as being confident about what I knew in my heart was of highest service for them — the nervousness melted away and what emerged was the understanding that I was modeling and leading for my clients a new paradigm of leadership. I was showing them how to lead without losing yourself and how to lead while keeping both yourself and your clients at top priority.

So, where are the places where your personal life has seemingly been at odds with your business? How can you make better and more grounded decisions around those places, and how can you step even more into who you are as a leader?

With love,

Why I work on some evenings these days…

October 2nd, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

Last week was Autumn Equinox which — among other things — is all about the energy of Balance.

During the time of the Equinox, the daytime hours are exactly as long as the night-time hours. The Earth is in a beautiful moment of balance between light and dark, Winter and Summer, inner and outer energy.

So this is a wonderful moment to reflect upon how you are creating balance in your life and in your business.

Balance is one of the most important elements of any successful and happy business. And when things aren’t in balance, you feel off, resentful and most likely are not creating what you want. For example:

–Working so much that you don’t have enough time for rest, self-care, family or the other priorities in your life

–Spending almost all of your available work time with clients so that you don’t have enough time for necessary administrative work, marketing, or more creativity

–Getting sucked into Facebook for hours each day so that there’s not enough time left over for reaching out to prospects

–Not charging enough for the amount of time and energy you put in with your clients, leaving you working more and earning less

Now, to be clear: even the BEST business in the world won’t always feel balanced in every moment of every day. Business are living, breathing entities and they shift and change. You can create balance, and then at some point things will fall out of balance. Not to worry! The point is to be aware so that you can know when things have changed and balance has been lost and then work to restore it.

So, how do you create balance?

First — get clear on what Balance means for you.

Don’t get caught up in anyone else’s definition of Balance. It’s so vital that you are clear on what your own definition is. For example, for some folks “balance” may mean working 50 hours a week while for others balance may mean 20. There’s no wrong answer here — it’s truly about what is right and aligned for you and your lifestyle.

When getting clear on what Balance looks like for you, also be aware that Balance changes based on your life circumstances. For example, before Yael (my 17-month old) was born, I had a strict rule around not working in the evenings. It was off-limits in order for me to feel balanced and good. But since she’s been born, I choose to take more time off during daytime hours which means that I feel OK about working 1 or 2 evenings a week after the kids go to sleep.

Second — clarify and work on any limiting beliefs

YOU have to feel OK with whatever your definition of balance is, or else it won’t work.

When I first started working evenings, I was operating under the following belief — “If I work evenings, it means I’m not being efficient enough during the day.” For my life before a toddler, that belief was absolutely true. But for life with a toddler, it wasn’t. I nearly cut my daytime hours in half when Yael was born, and if I wanted to maintain and grow my business, something needed to give somewhere.

But until I realized that I was operating under a limiting belief, I beat myself up anytime I worked at night. I judged myself and also resented the time I was spending. Once I was able to shed light on the limiting belief, I was able to be at peace with working 1 or 2 nights a week, and even came to enjoy that time.

Limiting beliefs come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps your limiting belief is “I’m lazy if I don’t work 40 hours a week” or “My client sessions need to be 60 minutes long instead of 45, or else they won’t be effective” or “I need to be available to my clients on the weekends”.

Third —  take some kind of action right away

One of the most frustrating things is to see what Ideal Balance would look like for you, and then to tuck that information in a notebook somewhere telling yourself you’ll make the change soon…but then you never do because the change feels too big or impossible.

Instead, as soon as you know what a more balanced business would look like — take action right away. You don’t need to change your entire schedule or all of your rates on the spot, but I do encourage you to find one baby step you can take immediately. For example, you can decide the next baby step is that on Tuesdays you will no longer see clients past 4pm and re-schedule any clients that are set for that time. Or you can decide that the next baby step is to raise rates on your two lowest rate clients.

Action is key.

So, go have at it! Take a few moments to get clear on what balance means for you and start making changes in your business that will help you feel happier, healthier, more spacious and more successful.

And if you would like support on not only creating Balance in your business, but creating more income and clients, get in touch today! Some spots have opened up in our business building programs, and we’d love to connect and see if you’d prosper with our support! You can apply here.

With love,

How I struggled when I first started my business

September 11th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

There was a time, not too, too long ago, when I wasn’t moving forward at ALL in my business. I remember waking up the first “official” day of my business 11 years ago, and didn’t know what to do with myself or where to start.

I had taken the risk. I had taken the leap. I had left the job with full-time benefits and health insurance to pursue my dream.

And yet I couldn’t move.

I didn’t know what to do, and I was too scared to even begin to figure it out. A ton of fears came rushing in: I wasn’t going to make any money. I wasn’t going to be successful. I was going to be inauthentic if I had to market. I was going to be a total flop.

With all of those fears running the show, I basically made myself really busy just to ease my state of fear and panic and give myself the illusion that I was moving forward. I told myself that if I was “busy”, then it meant I wasn’t lazy and I wasn’t falling behind.

I didn’t have a plan and didn’t know what I was doing. So, I just tackled everything. There was so much to do, and I felt I needed to do it all at once.

Well, you can imagine what happened: I was working 70+ hour weeks. I was working constantly — day and night, weekends and holidays. It didn’t matter. I needed so badly to make it work, to prove to myself that I was ok and good enough, that I just plowed through and plowed through. I made myself as busy and occupied as possible.

And yet, for all of my hard work, I wasn’t getting very far. In fact, I was mostly wasting my time and energy, and it was leaving me exhausted and frustrated, without any time left over for self-care or self-connection or friendships or my romantic life or anything else that was important to me. I felt like a complete failure most of the time. I wasn’t making much money. I wasn’t serving as many people as I knew I was meant to. I was ashamed and in deep judgment of myself. And I certainly wasn’t living my dream.

This frantic pace without results and living in fear went on for a few months until I hit rock bottom. What I finally learned in those trying moments is that I wasn’t moving forward because I was sabotaging myself. I was self-sabotaging because of two very powerful internal fears — the first was that I wasn’t really cut out to be an entrepreneur, and the second was that if I really put myself out there, if I TRULY made myself visible, that I’d come off as too salesy, too desperate, and too pushy…and, just like everyone else, trying to make a buck.

Well, everything changed after that important realization of my fears.

Becoming aware of my fears allowed me to clearly see all the ways I was holding myself back, and it also allowed me to start choosing new actions and new beliefs.

I developed very clear methods for myself around how to get really focused in on what I wanted to accomplish, and how to strategize and create an effective marketing & operations game plan for myself that felt personalized and in integrity for me. I also got clear on how to fit everything into my busy schedule, and how to finally face and move through my fears of failure and inadequacy, so that I could truly love myself and have confidence in myself and my work.

This all took some time and effort. In moments, it was really challenging. But I stuck with it all — all of the inner work and all of the persistent outer strategy. My business then began growing and bringing in abundance. I started filling all of my offerings. I crossed the 6-figure mark and then doubled that, and then doubled that again. And I was finally able to make time and energy for the things that I love to do.

The learnings were immense, and the biggest one of all is that I could indeed create what I wanted to create, that I had it in me to be a successful business owner who valued herself and her work.

I am sharing all of this with you because I know that if I can create all this, so can YOU.

But it needs to start with you being willing to acknowledge all the ways you’ve been hiding and holding yourself back. Are you ready?

You may need some ideas and brainstorming and guidance along the way, you may need someone to have confidence in you as you build it in yourself, you may need someone to help co-create your plan and hold you accountable. And all that is OK (I need those things too at times). You can do it.

If you want support on any or all of these things so that you can own a business that feels sacred and thriving, get in touch with me. I’d love to explore how I can help you with all of this.

With love,

Some vulnerability about my business…

August 21st, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

I recently posted this on Facebook, and it received such an overwhelming response that it felt important to share with you as well. It’s a short article, but a VERY important one!

The last 15 months with a baby and a 1st grader and a business and a sick mom who lives far away and…well, just life and all that comes with it…has been really hard at times.

In terms of business, there has been massive, massive growth on some levels, and on other levels I’m moving way slower than ever before. I thought my re-brand would be done and ready to go by last January. Ha! I’m hoping now for end of September. I thought my Sacred Archetype Assessment would have been ready by last December. I released it in July. I had plans for writing my book and creating some really, really huge marketing moments this last Spring. That hasn’t fully happened yet.

I’m sharing this for a couple of reasons:

1) I could have easily beaten myself up through all of this, judged myself for being lazy or too slow, compared myself to others, etc. But instead I chose to honor my pace, to honor that my business is NOT my first priority in life, to honor that I choose to make time for my children FIRST, and for my business to fit in with my life and not the other way around.

The result here has been that I feel so much more freedom and even more importantly I feel AT PEACE. I feel at peace with my peace, and I embrace that everything is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to. In the divine right time.

2) By taking things more slowly, something magical happened.

It’s true that what I planned didn’t quite happen, but instead my message got way deeper, my teachings became more powerful, my team got stronger, and…business has been flying in through the door without having to do much marketing at all. For the last 12 months straight, ALL of my programs and offerings (& I run many programs and offerings) have been full and at times with wait-lists. And over the last two weeks we ran a campaign and received over 80 applications!

Running a faster pace doesn’t mean being more successful.

I share all of this in full transparency to you so that you learn from all of this too:

Don’t judge your pace or compare it to others.
Don’t be in a fight with the commitments in your life that take you away from your business.

Be present to it all and be easy on yourself. That’s the quickest route to success.

With love,

A Sacred Gift Just for You

August 7th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

When I started my business 10 years ago, I didn’t know how to be a “real” and successful entrepreneur while being a woman connected deeply to my soul.

You might relate to my experience:

not really marketing in effective & authentic ways
feeling like a fraud, so you undercharge and over-give
—frustration that prospects don’t fully understand the sacredness of your work
—fear that you are never going to fit in as a “real” entrepreneur

That’s why it’s so vital to learn how to own your value and your worth and how to market yourself in a way that is organic and in full integrity.

All while staying true to who you are as a soulful woman.

This is what I want for you.

To be able to:

Fully express ALL of yourself in your work
Clearly communicate your value so that prospects say YES
Create abundance for yourself through your unique gifts and talents
Feel joy and peace on your entrepreneurial journey
• Have enough time left over for yourself and your life

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you that public registration is now open for my Autumn 2015 game-changing business and leadership programs!

So, if you’re ready to make real progress on your goals, I invite you to a 1-on-1 Sacred Action Blueprint call.

On this call, we’ll be listening to everything that’s happening for you and your business and help you:

=> Transform entrepreneurial anxiety and doubt
=> Identify and understand the obstacles in your way
(this is KEY to success)
=> Clarify your vision
=> Explore how you can add ritual and experiential work to your modalities
to deepen your clients’ results and transformations
=> Create a sacred blueprint of personalized strategies to help you reach your vision

If right now, you are terrified to make yourself known, struggling to find clients, overwhelmed by the to-dos of running a business, stuck when it comes to selling your services, not quite sure how to talk about your sacred work, or feeling like you want new skills and trainings to make your work deeper, then I am here to hold your hand and support you in moving forward.

My clients tell me all the time that they move forward so quickly because of my ability to both really SEE them and their brilliance as well as my ability to hone in on exactly what is out of place and what needs to be done next.

If this sounds like a match for you, then let’s talk!

If this is speaking to your heart and soul, please fill out an application for your complimentary Sacred Action Blueprint call. We have limited spots available for this call, and our calendar is very full, so we do need to hear back from you by Tuesday August 11th. Then either myself or one of my trained-by-me coaches will arrange to connect with you as soon as possible.

Can’t wait to connect and support you in all you are ready to create!

With love,

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the Coaching Industry

July 24th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

More and more women who come to me start by saying they don’t really trust the coaching industry.

They share that the marketing they see feels really glitzy and sales-y, as if celebrity coaches are inflating what’s possible as well as what’s really happening in their own business.

They tell me they’re scared of needing to have “Hell Yeah” attitudes in order to succeed, or being inauthentic in order to attract clients. They also admit that they feel pressure to spend what feels like a bazillion dollars in order to receive “formulas” that they sense aren’t really for them.

Hearing all this saddens me greatly.

Because I know that there are some not-so-pretty things happening in this industry that I love so dearly. And I also know that those not-so-pretty things are damaging women more than supporting them.

The coaching “noise” is everywhere — over social media, in your inbox, spoken from colleagues. It’s hard to know what’s Truth and what’s not.

If you’ve been part of my community, you know that over the last few years, I’ve spoken out more and more about what I call “glamour coaching” and why it is dangerous.

Because you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of thousands to receive stellar support in your business.

And you shouldn’t have to feel like your sacred & unique business needs to fit into a “formula” in order to be successful.

And you shouldn’t get down on yourself because you haven’t earned 6 figures overnight.

Here are some guidelines so that you can navigate the coaching industry in an empowered way — with wisdom, confidence, intuition, and a strong sense of your ethics, integrity and authenticity.

I’ve created them because I believe so strongly & deeply in coaching as a tool and in the power of the coaching industry, and I want you to be able to love this field as much as I do:

Don’t believe everything you read

Unfortunately, not everything you read on social media is the “Truth”. There may be some facts that got “left out” from the marketing.

Use your best judgment when you read things about people who create 6 figures in 3 months or people who work only 4 hours a week but earn 7 figures. Or people who have added 10,000 to their list in 10 days. All of those facts may (or may not) be true, but I guarantee there is more to the story than is being revealed.

I am often told by clients that I am very real and authentic. I believe this is one of the reasons why my clients are so happy and successful — they don’t have a false sense of expectation and therefore they are pressure-free and judgement-free, which opens up so much more space and energy for persistent & aligned action that leads to results.

Understand that the best kind of business is one that is grown sustainably

Speed and “Now! Now! Now!” are big themes in many coaching circles. While I do love and appreciate when things can more forward at the speed of lightening (& sometimes they absolutely do), I can tell you without a doubt that a successful business is a sustainable one.

I’ve seen way too many entrepreneurs crash and burn because they haven’t created strong foundations in their business. Foundation and persistence is a HUGE part of an entrepreneur’s work, and I believe that anyone that tells you that you don’t have to work to create what you want is wrong. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to work hard, or that you have to suffer. Quite the opposite — the point is to enjoy the work. But it does take effort and energy to create something real.

Earning 100K but spending $80K doesn’t equal business abundance

There has been a trend in the coaching industry towards spending a ton of money on more and more team members, more and more un-necessary programs, more and more applications & technology, more and more bells and whistles.

My husband likes to call me frugal, and he’s right: I just don’t like to waste money!

I grew my multiple 6-figure business without breaking the bank, and I teach my clients to do the same. Here is a tip to get you started: You shouldn’t be spending more than 40% – 45% of your gross income (unless you are earning less than $20K and you are investing in business support). I am proud to share that I average about a 65% margin.

Price Yourself and Invest in Yourself at rates that feel in alignment with you

Nothing makes me angrier than experts telling new practitioners and entrepreneurs, straight out of the gate, to charge exorbitant rates.

This is usually a surefire way to create disappointment, despair and frustration.

I’m all about charging rates that feel GOOD to you and that help you really step into your value, but jacking up prices that feel out of touch doesn’t actually do that.

If you want to learn more about how to price your offerings with integrity, alignment AND your value intact, read this article about it.

Don’t Lose Yourself

I have hired a number of coaches over the years, and have received a ton of value from them. I would not have been able to create the business I’ve created without their love and support.

At the same time, there have been many instances where coaches made suggestions that just truly didn’t resonate with me. The suggestions were perhaps the “norm” or the “formula” in the industry, but I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t serve me or my business.

YOU know and understand yourself and your business better than anyone else. Trust yourself before you trust any formulas.

Know that there are MANY, many amazing coaches out there

This is the most important guideline in this article. Despite some of the not-so-great things happening in the coaching industry right now, overall it is a wonderful and magical industry that has broken stereotypes and boundaries, given hope and inspiration to millions, and truly transformed the world. I believe deep down to my toes that the world is a better place thanks to the coaching industry. And I believe it will do much, much, much more good in the decades to come.

If you know you need support in your business and life, don’t approach coaching from a jaded perspective. Know there are so many brilliant coaches out there who can change your life. The trick is to approach it all with some of the tips and pieces of wisdom I’ve given you in this article, and above all else — trust your intuition and love yourself.

And, if you feel like it’s time for you to receive the gift of support in your business, like it’s time to learn how to find the best next steps to create more visibility and income, like you want a wise, genuine and trusted partner who has been where you are…then please get in touch!

Fill out a Get Clients for Your Sacred Work application today, and we’ll get in touch with you for a call — my gift to you — to see how we can help.

With much love,

The most profound biz assessment you’ll ever take

July 10th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

This is a short newsletter, because I want you to access the life and business changing assessment that I’ve created for you right away!

In it, you’ll get to take a quick but very poignant assessment that will uncover the core strength that has been waiting inside of you to emerge and make massive shifts in your business and personal life.

This assessment goes DEEP — you will receive information about yourself, your history, your patterns, your fears, your self-sabotage and your limiting beliefs that will transform you upon reading it.

You’ll also receive specific action steps about your specific hidden strengths that can be put into effective action immediately to grow your business, grow your income, expand your reach, heal your relationships, and overall be a much happier person.

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Are you a Victimized Vicki?

June 26th, 2015 by Joanna Lindenbaum

A couple of weeks ago I had a personal training session at the gym scheduled for 10am.

I was really looking forward to getting there early, doing some cardio and then my strength training.

Jon left for Whole Foods with the kids, and I got my workout clothing on. When I couldn’t find my car keys, I realized…they were in the diaper bag with Jon!!! This meant not being able to get to the gym, not working out, but still having to pay for my session.

My first impulse was to get angry and blame Jon — “How could he have taken the diaper bag without looking inside first!”

My second impulse was to go straight into the familiar cloak of victimhood: “Everything goes wrong for me…I never get the time I need for myself…”

Over the last decade, I’ve become very aware of my tendency to allow myself to go down the rabbit hole of dejection and defeat when something doesn’t go my way or when I get scared. Victimhood is the pattern of feeling like you can’t win, like a force (or that God) is against you, like no matter how hard you try or what actions you take, you’ll always get burned.

The Victim can’t see facts for facts, can’t really and truly be positive, and doesn’t know how to take responsibility for him or herself. The Victim also isn’t interested in solutions. She’s more interested in rolling around in her misery and hopelessness. When your Victim is out to play, she rejects any solutions or problem-solving ideas.

If you’ve got an active “Victim” lurking inside of you, she is probably running the show of your life a lot of the time.

I’ve come to call the “Victim” part of myself “Victimized Vicki”. Victimized Vicki has been with me a long time. She was activated through a lot of modeling that my mother and father did from the time I was very young, as well as my “family story” of being Victims of the Holocaust (as opposed to “Survivors”).

Victimized Vicki is always ready, at the drop of a hat, to have me feel bad for myself, to feel like nothing will ever go my way, to have me compare myself with others, and to feel as if I’m fighting a losing battle. When Vicki takes over, I don’t recognize myself at all. I’m at the mercy of her energy and fear.

It has been incredibly helpful for me to name my Victim self – naming her and giving her a persona has allowed me to take her out of my blindspot where she feels totally integrated into who I am…and into a separate space for me to be able to see her and recognize her fully. The more I can see Victimized Vicki for who she is, the more I can separate myself from her and stop myself from falling down the Victimized Rabbit Hole.

For example — In the scenario where my keys were in the diaper bag and I couldn’t get to the gym — I was able to not give in to my impulses to blame Jon or feel bad about myself and instead, was just able to see that the situation was sucky & annoying…but not really such a big deal in the scheme of things. From there, I decided to make the most of the morning and go for a run in my neighborhood, which turned out to be great because I got to be outside.

Because I wasn’t letting Victimized Vicki get in my way, I even saw opportunity when I passed some picnic tables — I used them as a makeshift gym and did arm and leg exercises and stretches with them.

The more you can eliminate the Victim from your life and your business, the happier you’ll be. I see the Victim show up when I support my clients sometimes, and she is often a force to be reckoned with, threatening to keep entrepreneurs from moving forward, attracting more clients and wealth, and staying small.

Here are some journaling questions to help you with this:

–When was the last time your Victim Self showed up? How often does your Victim show up in your life? In your business?

–How does your Victim Self act? Who is your Victim Self modeled on?

–What are the beliefs that your Victim self tells you?

–How can you spot/identify the Victim the next time she wants to come out?

With love,