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Joanna Lindenbaum

I Almost Didn’t Send This…

October 24th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

I was feeling really tired this week and not in the mood to write a newsletter article.

Just being honest. ☺

But something about it wasn’t sitting right with me.

I am so committed to bringing you weekly inspiration, guidance, motivation and tools…I didn’t want to miss a week.

Inspiration struck, and while this is much shorter than my “regular” articles for you, I decided better to be imperfect than not connect with you at all.

So here it is! (And if you like this shorter format, let us know. Maybe I’ll do one of these a month for ya!).

And, in case you didn’t read last week’s article on how to guerilla market in a soul-centered way, it is a MUST. We received a ton of love-filled feedback on it.

Here it is:

And here is this week’s little piece of wisdom, imperfectly, straight from my heart to yours:

We are born into love and grow into gratitude.

In my experience (& what I’ve observed of others), gratitude is not inherent. It’s something you need to consciously work on and work toward.

That’s why there are so many folks (myself sometimes included) who don’t automatically have an amazing day just because it’s beautiful out, or because you have a roof over your head, or organic food to eat, or someone to love, or a new client…even when you *know* that gratitude is a good thing and can make life and business much better.

I’m convinced that we’re born inherently feeling love but not gratitude.

I see it in my little baby. She’s not necessarily *appreciative* when I nurse her or pick her up from crying.

I sense it’s because she feels entitled to these things. She expects to have it.

And we all do.

For as much as you may not feel entitled in your life…I believe there’s a part of you that inherently feels entitled to EVERYTHING you want and desire.

It’s your birthright. You deserve it and you know it.

This is amazing and beautiful…and…it’s vital to work the gratitude muscle so that you can fully ENJOY all that you’re entitled to.

Gratitude helps you stand taller and more confident in your business.
Gratitude helps you attract more aligned clients.
Gratitude helps you continue to take action that works.
Gratitude fuels you so you have energy to keep on going.

We are born into love and grow into gratitude and ability to enjoy.

Remember to notice the amazing things in your life & business, big and small.
Remember to say thank you (to others, to yourself, and to spirit).
Remember to ask for more, when you want it.

FYI: We still have a few spots open in Your Sacred Business 2.0 and the more advanced Soulful Leader Intensive. Get in touch at if you want to learn more and explore if one is right for you!

With love,

How I Filled My First Charlotte Event (With A Waiting List!)

October 17th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

Last year I hosted my first local event since moving to Charlotte. It was a day-long training called Be Seen, all about overcoming your fear of visibility and then creating an aligned strategy to become more visible.

I rented a space that held 50 people, and it was my intention to fill the room.

But at that point I had only lived in Charlotte for a year and didn’t know many people. I knew that simply creating a campaign for Be Seen in my newsletter wasn’t going to cut it (because my newsletter community & client base is international), and that I needed to connect in with folks here in Charlotte to fill the room.

It was a situation for Soul-Centered Guerilla Marketing.

So, what is Soul-Centered Guerilla Marketing?

It’s an intense, persistent and consistent grassroots strategy for giving it “all you’ve got” in order to fill an offering or program.

I am not a big fan of working intensely, because I really believe in sustainable and energizing growth. However, every now and again, there comes a time where it’s appropriate to “go guerilla” and do whatever it takes to fill the room.

Now, just to be clear — I’m not talking about over-working or working late into the night.

Soul-Centered Guerilla Marketing isn’t about wearing you out. It’s about persistent & consistent, no-stone-unturned, grassroots outreach on all levels. (BTW — to do this requires you to stand in your value and be willing to reach out and stretch yourself.)

Here’s what I did to fill Be Seen with a waiting list in a town where I had few connections:

Step 1) 6 weeks before the event, I sent an individual email to EVERYONE I knew here in Charlotte that would be remotely interested in the training or who might know people who were interested in the training. It wasn’t that many people because I didn’t know too many folks here yet.

In that email, I invited recipients to come, and I also asked that they let anyone they know who would be perfect for Be Seen to come as well. And I created a special discounted rate for all those folks.

Step 2) After about a week, I hadn’t really heard back from anyone (it was the week between Christmas and New Years), so I wrote a follow-up email to each individual person.

And then registrations started to come in. By the beginning week of January I had 7 women registered.

Step 3) I went back to my rolodex and emailed anyone else I knew that hadn’t gotten the original email, even folks that were long shots.

Step 4) I sent a campaign out to my newsletter community.

By the end of the first week of January, we were up to 17.

Step 5) Next, I got in touch with 3 women I knew who were highly connected – and they agreed to send out emails to their entire communities on my behalf.

Step 6) I also invited everyone who was already registered to invite a friend for a discounted rate.

By the end of the second week of January we were already up to 36, and I had two weeks to go.

I was feeling pretty good because I was a newcomer in town and had attracted in a nice amount of participants, but I didn’t stop there, because I was determined to reach 50. I knew more guerilla marketing had to be done.

Step 7) Next, I went online to a website that is a community of Charlotte healing practitioners – my ideal clients. I viewed every woman who advertised on that site, and researched her website, and emailed her individually to introduce myself and make an invitation.

6 more women stepped in through those invites. I was at 42.

Step 8) Finally, I went to Facebook. I did a search on any entrepreneur that I was connected with that lived in the Charlotte area (I’m friends with nearly 5,000 folks on FB, so you can imagine, I didn’t know most of those women personally). And I sent each and every one that looked like a possible ideal client an individual message through Facebook, introducing myself and making an invitation to Be Seen.

By 10 days before the event, I was at 52 RSVPs, with a waiting list of 4, and more tried to register after that.

The day of the event, the room was packed, and I was told by a number of the women that no one ever attracts this many people to a workshop in Charlotte.

They wanted to know how I did it.

Tee hee, sometimes you just need to go guerilla!

If I can guerilla market, so can you. The key is to have a good plan that matches your goals and marketing environment, incredible copy that magnetizes potential clients, and inner confidence to outreach and outreach again and followup.

If you’d like help with filling your programs and growing your business, let’s talk!

I am proud to lead a team of world-class coaches who specialize in supporting soul-centered entrepreneurs who are D.O.N.E. with spinning your wheels, feeling frustrated, not being clear on your plan, and feeling alone in your business.

I currently have openings in 2 programs that are designed to hold your hand while you build your business authentically and successfully, without losing your sacred core.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch for a complimentary Intuition Activation Call. It is 60 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching and conversation that will change your business and mindset forever.

We’ve got only a few spots left, so get in touch ASAP at


No Matter What, Don’t Do This

September 28th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

In my decade of being an entrepreneur, I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Some have been mild, some bigger. And then there have been the handful of mistakes that could have been absolute deal-breakers for my business had I not corrected my course.

There’s one lesson in particular that I want to share with you today. It’s one that I have learned the hard way, and has left over-working and heart-ache in its wake:

Don’t try to make everyone like you.

(This includes community members, prospects, team members, partners, family members…even clients!)

If you’re anything like me, it’s pretty important to you that people like you, think you’re a good person, think you’re smart & good at what you do, and generally want to be around you.

In some ways, this desire can seem harmless, even recommended.

But here’s the truth: if you believe that everyone needs to like you in order to grow your business, you’re probably going to end up pretty miserable and not as successful as you could be.

Here’s why: If you are a woman who is on fire to speak your truth, serve your clients and committed to spreading your Sacred Message through your business, there is no possible way that everyone who comes across you and your work is going to resonate with you, like you and agree with how you’re doing things.

Taking that a step further — there’s just no way in general (entrepreneur or not) that everyone is going to like you. I’ll bet that even Mother Theresa had some haters.

Putting forward the effort to do whatever it takes so that everyone will adore you is a losing battle.

Not only that, but it is a totally exhausting exercise that usually leads you away from activities that are aligned for you, your business growth, and your happiness.

For example:

  • If you write your newsletter so that everyone will like you and what you say, it will probably take you twice as long to find the right words, and you’re likely coming up with a watered-down version of what you really want to say, which won’t appeal as strongly to those who are meant to hear it.

  • When you’re working with clients, if you aren’t honest with them about where you see they’re stuck because you’re scared they’ll get upset, your clients aren’t going to move forward.
  • If joint-venture partners don’t follow through on commitments, if you’re scared to request they do because you don’t want to seem “uncool” for following up, then all the effort you’ve put towards that JV is wasted…and you end up feeling either angry or ignored.
  • If you don’t take days off because you want folks to feel you’re there for them no matter what, your community/clients won’t necessarily feel more supported, but you’ll feel super-tired and resentful.

Instead of trying to make everyone like you, here are some tips to support you in true business growth and self-acceptance:

Work on Loving Yourself
When we really need for other people to like and admire us, it’s usually a sign that there may be something lacking in the Self-Love Department. Instead of putting forward lots of effort to fill the “never-really-full” well of feeling others like you, focus that energy towards loving yourself. It’s much more sustainable and long-lasting.

Focus on Folks who Want to Hear Your Message and Forget the Rest
When spreading your message and outreaching about your work, you’ve got 2 choices: focus on the folks that really resonate with what you have to say…or focus on convincing the folks that aren’t really into you that you’re valuable. Guess which one take is much more energizing and success-oriented?

Deliver Instructions, Requests and Feedback with Honesty and Love
Part of not needing to be liked is being able to cleanly and clearly ask your team, partners and personal support system (family, babysitters, friends) what you need of them…this also includes giving feedback & suggestions to your clients. I know it can be easy to get scared that you’ll piss someone off if you correct their work or ask them to take the kids so you can get stuff done, but if done with love and honesty, it will serve you (& them!) greatly.

So, as you move forward, I invite you to shift from “needing to be liked” to knowing that you are of full value and allow your true self to shine through!

Much love,

Does Facebook Make You Feel Fat?

September 12th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

In this age of social media, it’s so easy to keep up with your friend’s trip to Peru, your cousin’s birthday, watch friends’ kids take their first steps, learn about amazing events and causes, and keep up with what your colleagues are creating & teaching.

And of course, as an entrepreneur, Facebook is an incredible tool for expanding your reach and community, and communicating with those that want to learn from you.

But here’s what I’ve observed as the downside of Facebook, both for myself and lots of women I speak with:

Sometimes you see the amazing things other folks are doing on Facebook, and you start to feel bad about yourself. It looks like other people are:

–making more money than you
–working with more clients than you
–partnering with “cooler” people than you
–getting their books published when you haven’t started your manuscript yet
–getting more “Likes” than you
–posting brilliant thoughts and ideas that you have but haven’t posted yet!

Even if you’re super-accomplished or generally feel good about yourself and your business, Facebook can become a dangerous trap for hating on yourself, judging yourself, feeling “less-than”, and forgetting how amazing you actually are.


Because it’s human nature to compare yourself to others (unless you’re a monk meditating alone on a mountaintop!), and social media is one of the quickest, easiest ways to find out what other people are up to.

So how do you enjoy Facebook and use it to spread your Sacred Message without feeling sh*tty about yourself? Here are some tips:

Understand that Not Everyone Tells the Truth on Facebook:

I hate to say this, but some people lie, exaggerate or leave out important details on Facebook. It’s unfortunately part of Facebook culture for some folks, especially for those who want to project a certain image for their businesses.

It’s important that you know this because when it seems like some people always have great days, it’s not necessarily the case. We all have bad days here and there, or program launches that didn’t quite go as planned or hiccups in a campaign. Don’t compare yourself to “perfection”- it doesn’t exist.

Be Very Conscious about Why You’re Reading Other People’s Posts:

Because I know I’m sometimes prone to beat up on myself when reading other people’s posts, I am super-mindful about my reasons for reading them.

If my intention is to read my newsfeed to get inspiration from what others are doing or to keep up with friends and colleagues, I go ahead and do it. But, if I know I’m not feeling great about myself in that moment, or I’m going on because I really want to see how such & such a person’s campaign or event is going, it’s a red flag for me to find another business-building activity to do in that moment.

Create a Practice of Being Inspired By Other People’s Wins:

Here’s a fun experiment to try – before you go on Facebook, spend a quiet moment with yourself and set the intention to become more and more inspired and motivated by every positive Facebook post that your read.

Then give yourself a limit of reading 10-20 posts, and after each post that details a celebration of a colleague, literally visualize his or her celebration as lifting YOU up and contributing to your next success.

Take a Facebook Break:

While I’m all about being persistent and consistent in your marketing activities, it’s perfectly fine (& sometimes necessary!) to take a day-long or week-long (or month-long!) break from social media.

Taking a hiatus can give you time and space to bring your focus back to your own business and build happiness there, which is where it should be!

Bottom Line: It’s so important to take care of yourself and your emotional well-being, and if Facebook has been making you feel unworthy, begin to take note and take action to bring yourself into right relationship with your social media activities.

Much love,

What Your Family Has To Do With Your Business

August 15th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

(even if you don’t speak to anyone in your family)

If you’ve got business relationships – with clients, team members, joint-venture partners, or vendors – that drain you, upset you, anger you or make you feel bad, chances are those relationships are holding you back from growth in one way or another.

And, the quickest way to bring business relationships into "right relationship" is to understand your own family dynamics.

The best example I can give you is from my own business:

A few years ago, right when I was about to cross the 6-figure mark in my business, I was feeling incredibly drained.

Even though I loved my clients and loved the work I was doing with them, I was working way too many hours than was good for my health, and I was stressed out all the time.

Even when I wasn’t working, I was thinking about work.

And about my clients.

And whether my clients were doing well or not.

And that would lead me to email them to check in to see how they were doing.
And then to email them again if I didn’t hear back.

And then to make up a story about my worth if they weren’t doing well or I didn’t hear back from them.

My anxiety level was through the roof.

Even though my business was earning more money and serving more clients than it ever had before, I couldn’t have been more miserable.

That’s because I was taking over-responsibility for my clients, big time.

What I thankfully came to realize after a few months of "over-responsibility hell" is that I was living out the dynamics of my family of origin through my relationships with my clients.

See, in my family of origin, I was always the one whom everyone relied on. My mom was very sick, and that put a lot of pressure on everyone. I was always there for each of my family members, and I was expected to go above and beyond when it came to taking care of them and making sure they were ok. Even as a little girl of 8 or 9 years old, I was taking way too much responsibility for my mom and sister.

And that just became the primary way I operated in lots of my relationships as I became an adult. It came so naturally to me, I didn’t even notice it.

It wasn’t until I was so stressed out by my business that I could see I was simply repeating that pattern of over-responsibility with my clients.

And once I became aware of that, I could then see so clearly how it wasn’t just my clients. I was also supporting my team more than my team was supporting me, and giving more to joint venture partners than I was receiving.

What a light bulb moment!

Once I became aware of the dynamic, I was able to change it. That’s because I could see what I was doing – it wasn’t in my blind spot anymore.

I’ve observed family-of-origin dynamics making their way into pretty much every business that I have supported over the years:

–If you played the role of caretaker in your family of origin, you’re playing that somewhere in your business

–If you played the role of holding other people’s anger in your family, it’s showing up somewhere in your business relationships

–If you played the role of peacekeeper, it’s showing up somewhere in your business

–If you always hid yourself because of family jealousy, it’s showing up somewhere in your business

For those of us that are coaches, teachers, mentors, and in any business that is service oriented…we are RELATIONSHIP people. Our relationships with our clients first and foremost, and then our business relationships, are super important to us and to the health and growth of our business.

But when your business relationships aren’t totally aligned or in "right relationship", that’s when lots of heartache, overwork and anxiety can happen.

Journaling Questions:

I take my clients through a deep and transformative process to truly uncover and then heal your business relationships, and I’d love to share some of the first steps with you here today:

  1. Which of your business relationships are causing you stress, anxiety, or time/energy drain? (Think about each of your clients, team members, partnerships, vendors, etc.)
  2. What is it about the relationship that is causing the stress? What is the role that you’re playing? What is the role that the other person is playing?
  3. Which one of your family relationships does this remind you of?

I recommend taking some time to journal on these important questions, and would love to hear what they reveal to you!

If you really “get” this, let’s talk…

July 28th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

When I started my very first business (almost 11 years ago!), I had no idea what it took to be a successful entrepreneur.

I had a brutal first 3 years.

I expected everything to happen quickly, to become an overnight success without a real willingness on my part to be fully seen and fully authentic.

The result?

Total frustration (very few clients at very low rates), exhaustion (70-hour work weeks that were getting me nowhere), and constantly feeling on the verge of giving up.

Since then, I’ve created a multiple 6-figure business that serves thousands, and learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful, soul-centered and sane entrepreneur.

Here are some key components to what I’ve learned:

  • Persistent, Consistent and Patient: Business success is a marathon, not a sprint. That means you need to pace yourself, continually take strategic outreach actions, and have patience & resilience. "Overnight Success" is a myth that can lead you to overwork and major disappointment.
  • Being Authentically You is Non-Negotiable: It’s so tempting to use someone else’s voice or twist yourself to do popular marketing strategies that just don’t resonate with you. This doesn’t work. What will support you in being wildly successful and happy is being Authentically You in all of your marketing and outreach.
  • Grassroots is Good: There are tons of new-fangled, very complicated marketing strategies out there. Some of them work, but most really just distract you from more effective, much more simple marketing avenues that don’t involve being online every moment of the day.
  • Inner Work Leads to Outer Success: The best marketing strategy in the world won’t work if you’ve got inner blocks, fears and limiting beliefs and patterns. It’s vital to work on those pieces as you work on building your business, and not just in a surface way, but in a real, deeply sacred, honest and insightful container.

If you really "get" these components, and know it’s essential to build your business based on them, and if you are looking for world-class, authentic and intimate support in growing your business, then it’s time we talk.

I am opening up spots in my transformational business building programs for women who are really committed to growing their businesses and growing their Selves.

These programs are for you if:

  • You know it’s time to incorporate solid marketing tools or take your current marketing to the next level
  • You are ready to BE SEEN for your value and brilliance
  • You are a woman of high integrity and are ready to commit to taking action in your business in a bigger way
  • You’re done with giving your work away for peanuts
  • You are ready to love yourself fully and have confidence in your value
  • You’re not interested in any complicated or cookie cutter business building ideas
  • You value private support as well as group support and connecting with like-minded women
  • Having time and space for your personal life is important to you
  • You’re on fire to make a difference in the world
  • You value a mentor who is authentic, honest and committed to your happiness

For a limited time, I’m offering a significant discount on these program spots.

If you have resonated with everything I’ve written here so far, and sense that working together might be right for you, I invite you apply for an Intuition Activation session.

On this private, complimentary, in-depth call, you’ll connect with one of my personally trained coaches or myself for an hour-long experience that will transform you & connect you to your deepest wisdom.

On the call, we’ll get clear on what you really want for your business and your life. We’ll also go very deeply into uncovering what’s been standing in your way of creating what you want. From there, we’ll look together at the steps needed to get you where you want to be, and if a Soulful Coaching program is right for you.

We’ve got limited spots for these very special calls and the special program savings can be applied if you get in touch before 7/31 only.

If you desire to grow your business authentically and with joy, and know you want a coach that is committed to you, your happiness, and your goals, please get in touch right away. You can apply here.


Your Sacred Message

July 18th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

No matter what business you’re in, and no matter what your business model is, you need a compelling message to be able to successfully attract ideal clients to buy your offerings and products.

I call it your Sacred Message.

Your Sacred Message is a core and essential part of all your marketing strategies – your message should permeate & inspire any home pages, sales pages, articles, Facebook posts, brochures, enrollment conversations, etc. (my message is all over THIS newsletter edition!).

Without your Sacred Message, your marketing will have a hard time enrolling new clients.

And even more important than that – when you’ve crafted a Sacred Message that is really aligned for you and your business, it becomes the central tenet of your offerings, your business philosophy and attitude. In other words, it’s at the core of everything you do and are in your business.

I believe that your Sacred Message is so important that the women I teach receive hand-held guidance and self-assessing worksheets with provocative inner wisdom questions to be able to craft the perfect message that is fully authentic to you. That’s because in order to be as effective and magnetic as possible – your Sacred Message needs to come from your soul and from the depths of who you are.

Your Sacred Message isn’t simply a business tool. It’s a marker of who you are as a person and how you show up to serve those you’re meant to serve.

I also teach that your Sacred Message can change as you change (but not too, too often for branding’s sake!). My own sacred message has evolved over the years – it has been a beautiful, living entity that has reflected my own passions, priorities and intuition at each stage of my business & personal growth.

But, I remember the first few years of my business when I didn’t really understand that a strong, clear and authentic message was required to be able to build a loyal community and attract ideal clients.

My marketing fell pretty flat – for example: I would write beautiful, inspirational newsletters and web copy (I love to write), and I would get the feedback that it was actually inspiring my readers…and yet they weren’t really buying my services. Or if they did, they weren’t really 100% clear on why they wanted me to help them and with what (which was not a good thing, because it made them much harder to coach!).

Since then, I’ve learned quite a bit about how to create a Soul-Centered message and how to use it strategically to inspire AND sign on ideal clients.

Here are the 3 Essential Components you want your Sacred Message to contain:

  1. A Vision You’re Passionate About:
  2. I call this your Soul-Centered Vision. It’s an idea or concept you are so passionate about that you are willing to scream it from the mountaintops for everyone to hear. It’s a big dream you want realized in the world.

    It’s the "why" behind your business and your business’s offerings and services. For example: Your Soul-Centered Vision may be that all the world’s girls know how to eat healthy, or that animals are important beings that have feelings, or that all women love and value themselves, no matter what.

    Your Soul-Centered Vision is the inspirational component of your Sacred Message.

  3. Your Unique Brilliance
  4. Your Unique Brilliance is the unique combination of talents, skills, gifts, quirks, and personal learnings you bring to your work in order to bring about your Soul-Centered Vision.

    It’s the "how" behind your business and your business’s offerings and services. It can include anything from your love of cooking, to your history as the survivor of abuse, to your storytelling skills, to your sense of humor, to your passion for editing and correct grammar.

    Your Unique Brilliance is the component of your Sacred Message that alerts prospects to the tools you’ll use to help them.

  5. Who You’re Meant to Serve
  6. This is your Ideal Client. I recently wrote about a very important perspective on the Ideal Client, that you can find here.

    Your Ideal Client is the "who" you’re meant to serve in your business. It’s essential that you are fully clear on who your Ideal Client is in order to have an effective Sacred Message. If you don’t know who you’re serving, it’s really hard to outreach to them effectively and create supportive programming for that person.

    Your Ideal Client is the component of your Sacred Message that lets your prospect know you "get" her and are here to serve someone just like her.

Now that you’ve got the 3 Core Components of your Sacred Message, get to work!

Where can your marketing materials be tweaked to accurately communicate the "why", "how" and "who" of your business so that aligned prospects will focus in on you and your services?

One Of My Favorite “Growth” Tools

July 3rd, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

I’ve kept a journal since I’ve been 6 years old.

My first journal had a cover with a red and white floral design, and it had a lock and key. The pages were lined, and I wrote (with lots of miss-spellings and really bad grammar) about my first day of school, the girls I was friends with, the bully in the class, my parents’ refusal to give me an allowance, my beloved grandfather who passed away that year and how I felt about all these things.

I remember so clearly the absolute delight I took in sharing my secrets and myself in those pages. The book – which was small in size – felt to me like a sacred and magical tool. My 6-year-old self believed it had the power to make my life better.

I still have that journal, and the 45+ others that I’ve filled since then.

The writing in those journals has evolved from small words written in print letters to more sophisticated thoughts written in cursive or sometimes drawn with pastels.

The stories told in those journals have seen me get my period for the first time, fall in love with (& get heartbroken by) my first crush, realize my parents weren’t perfect, get rejected from my college of choice, graduate college and grad school, deal with my mother’s illness, travel across the world, get and recover from Bell’s palsy, quit my job to start my own business, get married, birth two children, and everything in between.

And my 38-year-old-self can say without a doubt that journaling does have the power to make your life better, richer, and happier.

Throughout the years, my journal has helped me:

  • connect deeply to myself and my desires
  • tap into my inner wisdom and uncover my intuition
  • create clarity out of confusion
  • express my anger in safe and really productive ways
  • release pain and frustration and disappointment
  • connect to Spirit
  • make better decisions
  • cultivate hope
  • cultivate self-love and confidence
  • and so much more

Over the last decade, I have also used my journal to support me in every single aspect of my business, from my confidence level & ability to value myself, to my marketing and operations plans.

Journaling has helped me grow into a successful, soul-centered entrepreneur who (for the most part) knows herself and her desires really well, has the insight and clarity to make good decisions about offerings, marketing, rates, team and systems, and has the courage to take risks and make out-the-box moves.

Here are some of my "best practices" for successful journaling:

  • Be consistent: There are periods of time when I journal every day, and then periods of time where I journal only every other week. Of course, when I am more consistent, I receive so much more from my journaling practice – each journal entry builds on the next and deep, deep insights are revealed over time. But even when I just check in for a few minutes, writing just for me has the power to transform my mood, provide me with hope and trust, and give me insight on next steps.
  • Write fast: I have found that the faster I write when I journal, the easier it is to get past all of my mental gobbelty-gook and obstacles and go to a much deeper place inside of myself that holds the real wisdom. There’s something about writing as fast as you can that eliminates your filter and gets you to your truth.
  • Write for yourself: In order to really allow your truth and wisdom to flow, it’s vital that you journal for yourself only, and not with the thought that someone else may read your writing. When you write with the knowledge that it’s just for you, you have permission to express any emotion that wants to be expressed, any idea no matter how silly it seems, and any big goal without being judged.
  • Mix it Up: I personally get a little bored with writing from the same voice in every journal entry. I get stale that way. What has really helped me continually find deeper and deeper places inside myself is to mix it up – write from different points of view, sometimes draw, sometimes write in silence and other times with music playing, write letters, make charts, make lists, etc.

Not only have I used my journal for over three decades for my own self-growth and learning, but I regularly give my clients and students journaling assignments to support them and their businesses. It has been utterly amazing to watch my clients grow on the inner and outer levels through their self-discovery and through their journaling.

And this is what I want for you, too.

That is why I am thrilled beyond thrilled to share with you the Deep Insights Business Journaling Intensive:

Next week (starting Monday, July 7th), I will send you a journaling assignment each morning. For five days in a row, you’ll receive a specially-designed journaling assignment from me to help you gain clarity, wisdom and confidence about your business. Each assignment can take as long as a half-hour, but in order for it to be effective, you don’t need to write for more than 5 minutes. You are going to get so much from your writing, and then even more by participating in our Facebook group where I’ll be doing additional teaching and coaching each day.

You don’t need to register for the Journaling Intensive – as a member of the Soulful Coaching community, you’ll get it in your inbox automatically each day-my gift to you.

What you should do right away is join our Journaling Intensive Facebook group so that you can introduce yourself to the other women in the community and get ready to share your insights from the journaling assignments. I’ll be on the Facebook group a LOT next week to share my own insights with you and coach you! Here’s the link to join:

Can’t wait!

Why You Can’t (& Shouldn’t) “Have It All”

June 27th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

I know – by saying that you can’t have it all, I’ve just made a big faux pas within the "positive thinking" and coaching worlds. Most positive thinking devotees would contend that as long as you envision and set the intention, you can have it all and more.

But in fact, not only can you not have it all, it goes even further: the thought that you can have it all is one of the biggest ways you sabotage your business and personal growth.

When you can let go of thinking you can have it all, that’s when real growth, real inner peace, and real positive thinking begin.

Let me explain, and let’s start with some examples I’ve heard (some I know personally) of "having it all":

  • You want a fully thriving, multiple 6-figure business AND to spend just as much time with your toddler as a stay-at-home mom does
  • You want your message to be well-known to a large platform AND for everyone who knows about you to love you (without any criticism)
  • You want a full team to support you in your business AND to not have the responsibility of leading & managing others
  • You want to quadruple your income AND to not take time or energy to market more
  • You want to stick to your session time with clients without going over AND to not address clients who are consistently late
  • You want to travel around the country as a well known speaker AND not spend time away from your family
  • You get where I’m going with this…It’s sort of like wanting to live in the heart of NYC while also wanting to live in a house. Just not possible, and the more you want both, the more frustrated and miserable you become.

    When you think you can & should have it all, you’re essentially trying to have your cake and eat it too, and no matter how "positively" you think, or how many vision boards you create (☺) that’s simply impossible.

    Instead, it just causes frustration, longing, and serious energy drain.

    I know this well in a number of ways from my own life and business. I remember so clearly wanting to really put the time and energy in to get my business off the ground, while also really wanting to be with Penina full time. But, of course, I couldn’t have it both ways. When I’d see moms on the streets or the playground who I assumed didn’t work, I was envious of them and when I saw women who seemingly had all the time in the world to grow their businesses, I was envious of those women, too.

    The result: lots of anger, victimhood and disappointment at myself that I couldn’t make it all happen.

    When I was finally able to fully embrace that being a full-time mom and having a multiple 6-figure business didn’t make sense, something incredibly important opened up for me: I was able to see that I had a very dangerous limiting belief that if I wasn’t with Penina every moment of every day, I wasn’t a good mother AND that I was missing out on the sacred experience of being a mom.

    Once I recognized that this belief had been running the show when it came to what I thought I wanted for my life and business, a new thought emerged: I could be a really great mom and thoroughly enjoy it, even while working 20 or so hours a week. From there, I was able to create a different, much more sustainable solution that provided me with both a business I love AND the exact number of working & parenting hours that was right for me…and inner peace about it all!

    But here’s what was required to get me there:

  • Acknowledging that I was trying to have my cake and eat it too, and that it wasn’t truly possible
  • Recognizing the fear or limiting belief that was standing in my way of actually creating a situation that would really work for me
  • Willingness to move towards a different belief and take action on it.
  • Here’s a recent "can’t have it all" revelation from a client of mine: Her business & client load grew to the point where she couldn’t do it all herself anymore – she needed to hire at least one team member to help her with administrative and operations pieces. And, she really wanted a team member. She recognized how this would help her work less while creating more. But at the same time, she was very clear that she didn’t want the responsibility of managing a team member.

    This was a situation where my client couldn’t have her cake and eat it too – she couldn’t receive the benefits of having a team member without the responsibility of managing a team member. The wanting to have it all here caused her to put off getting help, which caused major stress and getting stuck.

    When we were able to look into this together, we found that my client was opposed to managing a team because in her previous career, she had managed an assistant and hated it. Her assistant was irresponsible and left my client having to overwork and do damage control a lot of the time. I helped her identify that she was operating under the following limiting belief: Having an assistant means having to work even harder to keep that assistant in line.

    But that’s not necessarily true, is it?

    Once we identified that, we were able to open up a new belief for her around a team – one that helped her see that yes, there is a responsibility to taking on team members, but they don’t have to be irresponsible if you hire and lead correctly, and it doesn’t have to be stressful or taxing. And then she allowed herself to hire an aligned assistant!

    “Having it all” is very different from creating a life and business that truly work for you and that operate from a place of real possibility instead of lack.

    So, instead of trying to have it all, embrace that "all" doesn’t exist, uncover the beliefs that are creating tension for you, and then move towards a "having what I want" that will work for you.

    Here’s how:

    1. Identify where in your business you’ve been trying to have it all (hint: this is a place that you currently feel you’re having an inner struggle and is really stressing you out).
    2. Identify the two opposing desires that are at war with each other and causing strife (ex: wanting to be a national speaker, but not really wanting to travel, wanting to raise your rates, but not wanting to have conversations about it with clients, etc.).
    3. Uncover the fear or limiting belief that these opposing desires are operating under.
    4. Create a new belief that will actually allow for much more to happen for you, without the stress, and with a sense of inner peace.
    5. Take one action around it in the next 7 days!

    The Difference Between Niche and Ideal Client (& Why This Is So Important)

    June 13th, 2014 by Joanna Lindenbaum

    If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve either heard a little bit or a lot about how to identify your Niche or Target Audience.

    A lot of the tips that are being given on how to identify your Niche generally focus on some of the following questions – What is this person’s age? Gender? Career? Interests? What problems does this person have? Where does this person suffer? What is it they really want and how can you help them achieve it?

    I teach these components of Niche as well. They’re important and you definitely don’t want to overlook them.

    But getting clear on your Niche or Target Audience is only part of the equation when it comes to attracting clients that you’re really meant to serve.

    If you want your business to feel easeful and satisfying, then you want to go further than identifying your Niche – you want to identify your Ideal Client.

    Let me explain -

    Let’s say you’re a Pilates Instructor, and you’ve identified your Niche as post-partum women who are looking to feel better in & about their bodies, fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes, and feel more energized throughout their day.

    This is a great start to being able to attract and magnetize clients to your business. But there are other factors you need to consider if you want to be happy as you serve your clients and build your business…

    Let’s say you start working with this post-partum woman who wants to wear her pre-pregnancy jeans. You progress 3 sessions into your work together, and she starts showing up late, or cancels last minute, or makes excuses for not doing the homework you assigned her, or complains that she’s not getting any results. Or maybe her credit card gets declined every month.

    She fits your description of your Niche…but she’s definitely NOT an Ideal Client!

    Your Ideal Client needs to fit into your Niche, but you also want her to have certain qualities and characteristics that make her a total fit for having an easeful and pleasurable business. Or else-you may have tons of clients and you may even be making a good living…but you’re not happy. Less-than-ideal clients drain your time and energy and can make you feel like you’re not good at what you do.

    For myself, I’ve come to learn that in addition to fitting into my Niche, for someone to be an ideal client, they need to possess a number of characteristics. Here are some of them:

    1. You’re fully, 110% committed to your goals and to your work with me
    2. You take responsibility for your actions and choices, and don’t play the victim or the blame game
    3. You know how to follow through on your commitments to yourself and take action in between sessions
    4. You value my time and your own time – you show for sessions prepared and on time
    5. You value my support, guidance, feedback and leadership

    I know that for myself, without these components – every single one of them present – no matter how well the client fits my "niche" and no matter how much money they pay me, I will end up feeling drained or undervalued. Once I got clear on this and then really set up structures for it in my marketing, things began to shift radically for me.

    So now it’s your turn – Identify your Ideal Client:

    Step 1) What is your Niche?
    Step 2) What are the Vital Personal Characteristics this client needs to possess to be the perfect client for you?

    I recommend taking time to get really clear on this for yourself and then take a no-nonsense stand to draw in only Ideal Clients to your business.

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